Where is the 15 Billion?

Where is the 15 Billion?

I did simple accounts, rather, I have a diploma in accounts also.

This is what you learn at introductory level; The Accounting Formula: Assets = Equity + Liability.

In Zimbabwe, let’s say 15 Billion is what we’re worthy. Assets made up of our Equity + Liabilities, and where our Liabilities are, Chombo, Moyo, Kasukuwere, Mzembi, and our Equity is of course, ED, General and their cabal of course, and to give everyone the benefit of doubt maybe us also included.

Now we know what our ‘Liabilities’ are accused of having emblazoned, i.e., 10 million, 1 million, 300 thousand, and let’s put another 10 million on top also. However nothing is credited under ‘Equity.’ Does it mean we are stack? Don’t worry a simple mathematics will help us break down. We have two other formulas to arrive at that too.

A Balance Sheet equation can be expressed in two other ways:

  1. Liabilities = Assets – Owner’s Equity.
  2. Equity = Assets – Liabilities.

People ask me where Zimbabwe’s 15 Billion is? All the arrests have been exhausted, thanks to President ED and ZACC. Our balance sheet equation is now able to tell us where the rest of the money is, and formula number 2 is the right one to arrive at that; Equity = Assets – Liabilities. Do your own calculations and tell me how everyone who falls under ‘Equity’ they’ve to pay inorder for us to balance out books.

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