What God says, I’ll say.

What God says, I’ll say.

I was thinking is there separation of church and state in Zimbabwe? Church needs everyone’s prayers; it has been infiltrated by the regime and so many are functioning as if they’re state agents.

Is there a denomination which you would say the government has no hands on, even the new ones?

It’s hard to believe but some church leaders themselves are part of a government syndicate used to even disadvantage the opposition.

Now, is there a separation between church and state in Zimbabwe? I stand to be corrected but I am afraid there isn’t. The idea of Church is to worship God freely, not to become a political tool. I once said some Church leaders in Zimbabwe are the most corrupt clergies of all time, a people determined to give a president a favourable reading no matter what. History always repeats itself, back in the time of kings some prophets were indeed found to be doing the same. There is the problem, how some men of the cloth are now confused thinking it’s in the interest of God to speak favourably and positively just about anything in the same way they speak for God, and now they’re under trap.

But Micaiah said, “I vow by God that whatever God says is what I will say.” 1 Kings 22:14

Would someone like Micaiah please arise, and make the same commitment that surely as God lives, what God says, that they’ll also say?

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