Truth is fallen dead

L Muzembi
L Muzembi

The people in Zimbabwe are dismayed and frightened in the same way Israel felt when besieged.
Goliath would stand and shout to the Israelis; “Do you need a whole army to settle this? I will represent the Philistines, and you choose someone to represent you, and we will settle this in single combat!” 1 Samuel 17:8 Upon hearing this their hearts would melt because of fear.
In Zimbabwe we’ve such a one, and a women of such kind and nature to defy convention too. Who would dare stand up to her? She knows how to settle scores. The bible says for forty days, twice a day, morning and evening the Philistine giant strutted before the armies of Israel. Do people not see our troubles, the injustices, and that anyone who tries a better life for us is soon attacked?
Isaiah 59:15 -16 says, “The Lord saw all the evil and was displeased to find no steps taken against sin. He saw no one was helping you and wondered that no one intervened…”
How come, there is no man, and the ain’t any saviour? The problem now is no one cares anymore; about being fair and true. With all due respect the issue of succession in Zimbabwe is long overdue. But we’ve evil men who care less – violence is their trademark! They spend their time and energy in spinning evil plans that end up in deadly actions, and they’re big cheats.
Don’t we not know? Does the world not know? Yes, we know but the thing is fairness is also unknown.