Best Traffic Exchanges

The best auto surf  and manual traffic exchange directory for websites to boost the number of visits for your business, blog, forum or promotional link and can be a source of revenue.

Auto surf

  1. Alexa Surfing – Earn by autosurfing, watching videos, and giving FB likes. Points can be exchanged for money
  2. AlexaMaster – Autosurf, Youtube views, FB likes. Geotargeting for VIP members. Exchange points for cash.
  3. eBesucher – German site with customizable timer and delivery rate, geotargeting. Can sell credits for cash.
  4. Feeling Surf – French autosurf with a modern interface and fast delivery. Option to get only unique visitors.
  5. Hitleap – Set the visit length and hits per hour for every URL. Optionally change or hide the HTTP referer.
  6. Link Collider – In addition to autosurf hits, tokens can be used to get social media likes, shares, and followers.
  7. Manyhit – Launch unlimited autosurf instances from different IPs. Also has manual surf with cash rewards.
  8. Otohits – Custom timer and HTTP referer, site categories. Surf in browser or using a standalone application.
  9. Rank Boostup – Custom timer, HTTP referer, bounce rate. Surfing app with integrated Alexa toolbar. Geotargeting.
  10. Twistrix– Custom timers, option to customize or hide the HTTP referrer. Weekly contest with cash rewards.
  11. Yabbida – Automatic Surfing, 1:1 Ratio
  12. 10Khits – Custom timer, geotargeting for upgraded members.
  13. 247AutoHits – Convert credits to banner and text link views. 50% cash commissions for upgraded members.

Manual Surf


The Best Traffic Exchange

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