The Opposition is poised for another defeat

The Opposition is poised for another defeat

The opposition formed a coalition out of a position of weakness not strength therefore they are poised for another embarrassing 2018 election defeat.

Honestly how can you win elections in Zimbabwe while your main aim is to please the international community? Ignoring the electorate while playing at outside influences has already proved to be deadly or in effective, it costed Tsvangirai past elections, and this then brings me to my next point.

Concerning the coalition, putting Tsvangirai at the forefront was another big mistake which again proves these guys are not good chase players. The man is a lame duck, period, full stop and end of game.

I wish them well but looking at facts on the ground it’s not possible they’ll ever win unless maybe it’s an act of God, chances are of getting a few seats here and there but it looks like they’ll also lose that they already have.

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