Tithes & Offerings

In the Bible we see three types of tithes (tenths). The first tithe was the Levitical tithe which went towards the support of priests and Levites who served the people, (Leviticus 27:30-33 and Numbers 18:21-32). The second tithe was that of the agricultural produce which the land would provide. This was to be used for the worship celebration of convocations at the sanctuary (Deut 14: 22-26),  The third tithe was a welfare tithe offered every three years (Deut 14:28; 26:12 ). In Malachi 3 the Lord pointed out that the people had not brought the required tithes and offerings, referring  to all the tithes and offering including temple taxes used to fund the theocracy, the Levites, the natural religious festivals, and the poor. In not paying their taxes, and so robbing God, they had robbed themselves too, because God had withheld His blessing.  Now listen to this; “Then went the Pharisees, and…

LC Muzembi

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