O Lord Make haste unto me

Many people, believers rather, do not realise the severity of the situation they maybe in, and because of this they continue with the same status quo probably unhappy, but not bothered. But if they understood the good plans God has for them, they will cry today O Lord, “Make haste , O God, to deliver me; make haste to help me, O Lord.” Psalm 70:1 Every believer should understand the severity of their situation, state, circumstances, conditions, and probably compare with God’s will for them, and before they finish comparing, they’ll see, that they need deliverance. It still hasn’t occurred to mankind what God is capable of doing for us. Ask yourself, Why am I still with this condition? Who put me here? Whose kingdom or purpose is it serving? Sometimes we need to understand the salvation of the Lord; David in verse 4 says, “Let all those that seek…

LC Muzembi

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