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Why some believers exhibit problem behaviours.

There are a variety of reasons as to why some Christians sometimes exhibit problem behaviours.

Scripture says David was fearful of Saul, so he went to King Achish of Gath. But Achish’s officers weren’t happy about his being there, so as an excuse to get away from there David pretended to be insane! Then King Achish said to his men, “Must you bring me a madman? We already have enough of them around here! Should such a fellow as this be my guest?” 1 Samuel 21:10-14

From the story above one can tell David acted out his behaviour. Some behaviour problems exhibited by some believers are sometimes acted out emotions.

Other behaviours are as a result of confusion. You’ve loads of unanswered questions. You’re confused as to what’s going on around you, and if you fail to understand, for example how money you give every Sunday, and tithes is used, you become suspicious, anxious, afraid and angry.

Believers often cannot accurately indicate, describe, or otherwise verbalize their feelings. For example, when grieved or are in pain many of the common behaviours they exhibit are actually very basic and reflexive responses to grief. They often express their feelings indirectly through their emotions and behaviours. The blind man that was healed “looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.” (Mark 8:24).

David was fearful of Saul, he went to King Achish of Gath and was fearful of the king. Achish’s officers were also not happy about him being there. The king even said, “We already have enough of the insane around here! Should such a fellow as this be my guest?”

The reason why some believers exhibit problem behaviours is because they don’t feel welcomed. They yearn for a spiritual well-being of life. Comfortable people don’t moan and cry.

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