President Mnangagwa’s 100 days

President Mnangagwa’s 100 days

People ask me how well has Mnangagwa performed so far?

False prophets are obviously akin making speedy predictions which flops anyway because it’s never true. False prophets are evil workers who take chances, and like chameleons are always good at positioning themselves. Some already have predicted that the president is Joseph. Is he? His bones turns when such comparisons are drawn. Deception is part and parcel of any such naratives. As much as I know Joseph in all his entire life never ran away to save his skin, all he ever did was to run away from sin. The voice is Jacob’s; it is Jacob the supplanter who took flight. He is the one who ran away, and prayed all night making an oath before God. That oath changed his life from being a crook to the Jacob now know, and now we pray to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Anyway, how has Mnangagwa perfomed so far? Obviously it’s too early to call, but so far so good after years of destabilisation and no accountability. It is still a sad story in Zimbabwe economically, there is no magic money tree anytime soon no matter the promises made. Think of unemployment, cost of food and fuel, and instability; tackling the gukurahundi saga requires a brave heart and let’s see if he’s really a Joseph who said to his brothers, “Now therefore fear ye not: I will nourish you, and your little ones. And he comforted them, and spake kindly unto them” (Genesis 50:21). That’s all what the people in Matebeleland wants – to be comforted. Gone are the days we used to play politics with one another.

All of these topics matters, not just politically, for leaders but for us all, and for workers and consumers alike.

When now there is investment, employment, workers, and our industries bomming, to keep our local economy going, be it the health sector, manufacturing, farming, etc. “…may Israel now say.” At the moment there is nothing to look on to so that we can measure, except these promises from the high office, and of course this election scaremongering. But certainly we don’t eat these promises and blessings from those who would want you to think positive – it’s manna we live on, real food and someone has to deliver.

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