LC Muzembi, Th.D., D.D., MDiv, CPPC

We have lots of visitors to this blog, as you can imagine, but there comes a point where people decide that to maintain their fellowship with us, becoming part of the great mission that God is working through us globally is something they can do. Yes, becoming our partner expresses your commitment to us, and us to you too, and our commitment to serve God together. It also opens up our training resources aimed to grow you into the person God created you to become.

How you can partner with us 

If you feel you like that kind of relationship where we become partners, or that I pastor or pray for you, or you come to know more about about my ministry and what it means, then please feel free to write to me or complete the form below and I will contact you shortly. You’re important to God, and that’s the reason why I would want to pray for you. When it comes to prayer, I believe that God wants to meet you at your point of need and whatever you’re concerned about addiction, anger, confusion, depression, discouragement, guilt, hate, loneliness, low self esteem, regret, stress, unforgiveness, etc., and anything that you need prayer for, even to celebrate a success — I am here for you!