Our problems are humanly inflicted

Our problems are humanly inflicted

It’s funny to me how we try to avoid the facts that most of our problems are humanly inflicted, self inflicted and to be more precise, they are Mugabe afflicted.

Which means if we pay better attention to our actions and are more introspective, we will be ok, and Zimbabwe happier in again. Not to mention the spiritual and emotional benefits of rebuilding our nation, after this madness.

The problem about our problems is we get focused on petty issues, of our differences rather than our actions that are the root of the problem. Any point we should side with a regime that has destroyed all our livelihoods? If that’s what we do no wonder why God is not smiling at us. A situation where people queue at banks for 2 days to get only a $100 bond is itself appalling. We should be ashamed of ourselves, especially us in the Diaspora who supports such a Pharaoh, it’s mere evil.

Let’s take stock of what we’re doing, it could be us here making the situation worse for our beloved ones when we side with people that have no remorse. The regime took away everything from its people, even their voice. I’ve never seen a people more terrified and afraid of their leader like we Zimbabweans, you think that’s normal in a 21st century?

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