I keep right on praying!

“O God, thou knowest my foolishness; and my sins are not hid from thee. Let not them that wait on thee, O Lord God of hosts, be ashamed for my sake: let not those that seek thee be confounded for my sake, O God of Israel.” Psalm 69:5-6 

Always your life should be an exemplary model for the believers; “in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” Your character and behaviour must be desirable; very good, perfect, ideal, faultless, flawless, impeccable, and a copybook. That we will do, God helping us.

Zeal for the house/things of God must  eat you up my friend; look for God, fast and pray even when others don’t. If you’re a true believer; you should get used to reproaches, shame, and dishonour – remember you “adversaries are all before thee”. He prepares a table amidst your troubles or adversaries. 

Sometimes you become an alien even to your own brothers. Psalm 69:8 says, “I am become a stranger unto my brethren, and an alien unto my mother’s children.”

When he realised that David said I am in deep trouble, Quick Lord! Come and save me, “rescue me, O God, from my poverty and pain.” Psalm 69:29 

My prayer for you as believer is O God, set him/her up on high. Above your troubles; your shame, dishonour, and adversary.

Hear this my friend; “The humble shall see their God at work for them. No wonder they will be so glad! All who seek for God shall live in joy.” Psalm 69:32. What a wonderful promise that is. For that reason I keep right on praying to you, Lord.

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Laurence Muzembi (Th.D, D.D, MDiv, B.A in Biblical Studies, Cert in Counselling & Psychotherapy ) is author, pastor, life coach and business consultant. Tired of seeing Christians stumble and crush landing, he sets up Muzembi.Org as a guiding beacon for them, and to make a difference.

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