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"What makes me happiest is the well-earned reward you will have because of your kindness." Philippians 4:17

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Our kind of faith, is more than faith!

L Muzembi
L Muzembi

You read 2 Peter 1 and here is what you find concerning faith;

– it’s of a different kind
– the kind that Jesus gives to each of us to experience God’s kindness and peace and to know him better and better.

It’s the only kind of faith that makes you obtain, and here is how;


– everything you need for living a truly good life.
– all the riches and wonderful blessings he promised
– he will give you his own character
– he’ll share with you his glory and his own goodness

It is more than faith because you also work hard both to will and to be good;

– you learn to know God better
– you discover what he wants you to do
– you put aside your own desires and you allow God to have his own way in you.
– you develop a need also to grow spiritually, and to become fruitful and useful to the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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