Be open minded

“Doth not the ear try words? and the mouth taste his meat?” Job 12:11

It is always important to be open-minded, and to try everything!

Open-mindedness vs closed-mindedness

You’re open-minded if you are receptive to different ideas and opinions. If what you personally call faith isn’t working be willing to consider that of others too. Some believers could also have something of value for you. This may mean that you should have enough humility like Naaman to admit that you don’t have all the answers. 

The opposite of being open-minded is closed-minded, and such was Saul who was arrogant, and played the fool. “Naaman was wroth, and went away” because the counsel wasn’t such as he expected.

Normally, the truth is, many Christians are not open-minded, especially the grown up ones. But it’s something that they have to work on if at all they’ve to succeed in the christian life too.

If you want to be open minded, first get out of the habit of refusing others people’s advices and suggestions. No matter how weird the source or advice, chenga ose! Naaman was humiliated at the end because he had wrong assumptions about the word of advice. But the advise he got had merit after considering it carefully. 

I find many believers feel challenged if their views and opinions are scrutinised. But tell you what? That doesn’t bother me. If what you believe is right, then you should feel no threat from any opposing views. 

Being open-minded may mean you agree to leave your own comfort zone for a while. It only means being willing to try new stuff even when there’s a great temptation to disagree. I don’t mind checking out a website which I know supports the opposing view. That alone shows one’s open-mindedness. 

When a person is open-minded, he or she seeks knowledge and is not out to score points. This only means that they don’t resort to personal attacks once they feel that they’re losing an argument. If other people’s views are more persuasive, then an open-minded individual may accept this without feeling that he/she is being attacked.

It’s good for believers to question their own beliefs and opinions. Job said, “Doth not the ear try words? and the mouth taste his meat?” Job 12:11

You’ll be shocked to find out how many of those beliefs are based on ill-informed ideas, error or misunderstandings. John says, try spirits. Com’on folks, absorb new information. Many believers unknowingly or unwittingly carry a good deal of faulty thoughts. That’s the danger of having a closed mind.

If believers approach truth while being closed-minded, this might mean that they put their whole faith at risk. Some of the dangers of having a closed mind may include: developing a condition that will just make your situation even worse. 

There will be no change in your life and everything will continue as they are. Such a condition worried the writer of Songs of Solomon, and it was the result of being closed-minded. Those who are closed-minded may all their lives easily become stuck with the wrong doctrine. They will face challenges, yet don’t have the resources to tackle them effectively. Believers who are also not willing to admit that they actually need help might encounter huge issues. Also, they will not see any progress in their faith.

The problem with closed-minded believers is, they refuse the thought of taking the correct path toward salvation. Mark 4:23 says, “If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.” But do they listen? Paul says, “For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.” Romans 10:2-3. Therefore, they ignore the impending warning signs.

This only means that you should always allow your ear try words, and the mouth to taste his meat. But if you are closed-minded, you will not be able to engage in the various dimensions of faith.

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