Muzembi Family

Muzembi Family


Learning about our ancestors often helps us understand ourselves. Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, were the highlight of God’s creation-the very reason God made the world. Our ancestors didn’t always live the way God intended. Through their mistakes, we can learn important lessons on how to live rightly. Adam and Eve teach us much about the nature of sin and its consequences.

As children, we depend on our family to “make it better.” We turn instinctively to our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grand-parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins for the support we may not find elsewhere. As we grow older, we may forget the earliest lessons of childhood, but we are aware and recognize THE POWER OF THE FAMILY. We are aware of the need to constantly invent and rediscover rituals. We recognize the rhythm and patterns of our family and use reason during conflicts. We remember those family members who have left an indelible mark on our family history and we learn to be resilient, to tolerate and grow through prolonged uncertainty. We tune into family resonance, sharing spiritual energy with all family members, allow reconciliation, revere the unity of the family, revive ourselves by moving beyond the petty distractions of daily living and lastly the importance of celebrating life together in family reunions. We also cherish Godly values as prescribed in the Word of God and this is reflected across all generations in our family. We also cherish the value of extended families. We value marriages and treat them as strategic alliances for a greater family. We also value other families as we draw lessons from them. We have a collective burden to foster UNITED FAMILIES.

Mzembi (leaning) was a nickname given to our grandfather for his apparent fondness and weakness for women. Our family has a very humble rural background. We are Karangas from Masvingo. Our totem is “Shumba” (Lion) which is the source of our family unity and pride. For those that have been born again and accepted the LORD JESUS CHRIST as their personal Lord and Savior they still maintain this totem name and hide behind the fact that Jesus Christ died as a defenseless “LAMB” and was resurrected as the “LION” from the tribe of Judah. Although most of us have migrated to urban areas we still have a strong rural presence. Our Village of Origin – THE MZEMBI VILLAGE occupies several square kilometers in the heart of Nyajena village under the Chieftainship of Chief Nyajena presently under Chief Zengeya in MASVINGO SOUTH CONSTITUENCY. We conduct periodic family visits particularly during holidays, reunions, funerals and political rallies.

Our family is still very much rural based and proudly so. Those that have migrated to surrounding towns, cities and other nations act as ambassadors and ensure regular visits mostly during the Christmas holidays. There is also a mushrooming of new houses courtesy of the few successful ones who work tirelessly to ensure development of their rural homes. On a sad note we have noticed with great concern the increasing number of deaths within the family some of which are so tragic and heartbreaking. In our immediate family we have recently lost our sister and brother: (1) Martha passed on in December 2005 and (2) Patrick in April 2013. Patrick had also lost his son. Kennias and Gabriel also lost some of their children. We have also experienced several deaths in the whole family at large. We lost uncles (Uncle Dzingai Mzembi being the most recent in April 2015), aunties, brothers and sisters. We have over the years developed the family cemetery. Our first born Patrick and our dear sister Martha together with our parents, uncles, aunties and cousins have all been buried there. This is the one asset that continues to bind us together. We are deeply grateful to the family values instilled in all of us by our father the late Xavier Morris Mzembi.

Our brother and now father Hon Eng. Walter Mzembi (MP) as the first Member of Parliament and government minister has also given this otherwise humble and ordinary family a sense of pride and hope. This coupled by the beautiful home he built in the village in 2003 has ensured strong family ties and a sense of purpose and vision. Walter who is tipped to be the UNWTO Secretary General was in 2013 presented with the accolade of being AFRICA’S BEST MINISTER. He was declared by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe CDE Robert Gabriel Mugabe as one of his best ministers. As a family we take pride in the president’s warm declaration. Walter also chairs a council of Ministers of Tourism, and has been credited with saving the Regional Tourism Organisation of Southern Africa (RETOSA) from imminent collapse. Zimbabwe is currently the co-president of UNWTO, with Zambia. Walter himself is the outgoing president of Africa Travel Association based in the United States of America. He also chairs the UNWTO Commission for Africa. He is a registered academic with the European Council of Tourism, a board member of the influential Berlin Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, and was recently admitted to the London Speakers Bureau. He is a registered professional engineer with Engineering Council of Zimbabwe and is a fellow of Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers. We are also a revolutionary family with most of our family members having taken an active role during the liberation war struggle. Our father was probably one of the active war collaborators in the family together with our brother Patrick who was declared a provincial hero. We however unanimously decided he be buried in our rural home for our family legacy.

Guzho gave birth to (1) Rupoterera (2) Mahanya F (3) Mukozhora (4) Rumwanehomba (5) Chikwereti (6) Taonezvi. (1) Rupoterera gave birth to (a) Madenga M (b) Nyadzai F and (c) Timothy Chikarabwe M. (2) Mahanya got married to the Mukungwa family. (3) Mukozhora gave birth to (a) Matanda (b) Chari (c) Komonda (d) Godha (e) Muraicho (f) Chikwereti F (g) Matamba F. (4) Rumwanehomba or Rubwe gave birth to (a) Mzekenyi (5) Chikwereti. At this point the whole family was based at Murambwi. As the family grew there was a split exodus to (1) Gutu and (2) Zaka turnoff area. Madhovoyo seems to have been the main nickname cum surname based on the fighting skills of our ancestors in Dhovoyo particularly Mukozhora who was a fierce fighter.

(6) Taonezvi gave birth to (1) Vusvusvu, and (2) Dhaura in Chirumanzu. He migrated from Chirumanzu to Mazare (Glenlivet) between Masvingo Urban and Zaka turnoff. Vusvusvu gave birth to (1) Mzembi, (2) Mai Topi, and (3) Mukando. Dhaura gave birth to (1) Chakauya, and (2) Mai Egness (who was married to the Zvirevo family). Mzembi gave birth to (1) Joseph Mzembi Madhovoyo, (2) Viola (nicknamed Matubura as she was a pimp in Mashava mining area), (3) Bozeni or Mai Rami, who was married to the Mukahlera family, (4) Taruona (Taruona gave birth to (a) Dzingai Mzembi (Who gave birth to Taruona, Taurai, Micah and Albertina), (b) Baba Hulege (Who gave birth to Hulege, Justice, Manners, Ngoni and Revai (c) Vatete mai Ephraim who was married to the Chatikobo Family. Mukando gave birth to (1) Gwatinonga, (2) Angeline, (3) Zvashura (Nicknamed Parafin as he was working in Triangle under Triangle limited. He was nicknamed Parafin because he would only drink Castle and not the traditional beer), and (4) Elson Gora. Chakauya gave birth to (1) Cuthbert, (2) Livitiko, (3) Vhanda, and (4) Miriam. At this stage Mzembi branches out to many other surnames: Chakauya, Madhovoyo, Muswere, Mukando, Mukozhora etc. It is at this stage the Shumba totem becomes the only unifying force and symbol.

Joseph Mzembi Madhovoyo (Chimende) had four wives Rowesai Changamire, Mai Misi (Veronica), VaVhamba or MaiShadi, and Mai Chipo – Chichisai.

1st wife: Rowesai Changamire: (It is through this woman we are related to the Zvobgo Family). Rowesai Changamire or Mbuya vaZvidzai. She had the following children: (1) Nehemiah Lawrence, (2) Mary (Who was married to the Mabasa and Makovah family), (3) Xavier Morris (Who married the Malete family), (4) Martha Cherai, (5) Jephias, (6) Julia. Nehemiah’s children are (1) Anna, (2) Cuthbert, (3) Reward, (4) Chamasi (5) Jane, and (6) Masango etc. (2) Mary gave birth to (1) Besi who was married to the Mahachi family and gave birth to Thelma Tsungirirai Mahachi, and Trevor Mahachi (2) John Makovah (John who married Tsitsi gave birth to (a) Shumbi who was married by Mutangadura (b) Farai Makovah and (c) Shosho Makovah, (3) Peter Mabasa (Peter gave birth to (a) Rumbidzai who was married by Marshal Chisango and (b) Namatai) and (4) Winnie (Who was married to the Mukachana family). Xavier Morris Mzembi married Elizabeth Malete and gave birth to (1) Patrick Morris Mzembi- (Patrick who gave birth (a) Walter Jnr (b) Memory, (c) Fortunate), (2) Walter Mzembi – (Walter who gave birth to (a) Komba (“Komba, the son of Walter Mzembi and Isabel Mulima, who married Kwima Siame and gave birth to a son Noah “) (b) Zviko (c) Ruth Rungano – named after her grand mother and father (d) Tanya Armor (e) Gabriella and (f) Alijandero). (3) Martha – (Martha gave birth to (a) Musa), (4) Lawrence, (5) Elizabeth (Who was married to the Chinouriri and Ankomah family) – (Elizabeth named after her Mother gave birth to (a) Takunda Henry Chinouriri, (b) Zebuluni Kurai Chinouriri and (c) Joseph Chinouriri the Saxophone Prince, (6) Francis Gabriel (Gabriel gave birth to (a) Tichakunda Jnr (b) Rumbidzai Jnr (c) Anna, (7) Mary (Named after her aunt gave birth to Samantha Rutendo Mafuku, (8) Kennias Tichakunda (Kennias aka baba Mary had the following children: (a) Mary (b) Truth (c) Martha and (9) Xavier. Martha Cherai gave birth to (1) Mark etc. Jephias married Monica Sengani from South Africa and gave birth to (1) Ruth Mzembi on 23/01/71. Ruth was married to Peter Siphuma and gave birth to four children: (a) Vhonani (Marvellous) (b) Theo, (c) Clyde (Taku), and (d) Phumu (Wisdom). Julia gave birth to (1) Tendai and (2) Tsitsi. Jephias also had two more children: (2) Loveness, (3) Kudza.

2nd wife: Mai Misi (Veronica) : Mai Misi (Veronica). Her children were (1) Misi, (2) Mzembi Mzembi, (3) Alois (Vanyare), (4) Petros, (5) Ignatious, and (6) Livison. Misi was married to the Musosa family. She married Wilson. Mzembi Mzembi gave birth to (1) James, (2) Jopo etc. Alois gave birth to (1) Plaxedes, (2) Ignatious, (3) Robina, (4) Livingstone, (5) Ramwidzai and (6) Takeson. Petros gave birth to (1) Irene, (2) Edna, (3) Munyaradzi Mary Muzembizi, (4) Lyod, and (5) Takunda. Ignatius gave birth to one daugnter. Livingstone gave birth to (1) Grace, (2) Gladys, (3) Greater, and (4) Gillian. (1) Grace got married to the Mnangagwa family and had a son (a) Tinaishe Patrick, (2) Gladys got married to the Chikoto family and gave birth to girls (a) Anesu and (b) Anotida and (3) Greater got married to the Kwangware family and gave birth to three boys (a) Nokutenda, (b) Makomborero and (c) Tanaka and the last (4) Gillian got married to the Mhike family gave birth to (a) Courage Simbarashe Mhike.

3rd wife: VaVhamba or Mai Shadi: VaVhamba or MaiShadi (Shadi was nicknamed Kerebede – meaning troublesome like a hyena, he was later buried away from the common graveyard. After Zimbabwe’s Independence they changed his name from Kerebede to Cabs (Bank) in the 1980s. He later composed a song aonamudhara kerebede ngaauraye – meaning those that see me should kill me. He knew he was troublesome and that people wanted him dead. He was extremely troublesome in that he would take other people’s wives and insult his mother. Because of this he did not live for long. He was survived by one son Kenias – named after his young brother). Shadi’s mother is still alive and is currently living in Mhondoro. So all in all she had the following children (1) Shadi, (2) Kennias, (3) Christian (4) Collin (Teacher), and (5) Anna.

4th wife: Mai Chipo and Chichisai: My grandfather’s fourth wife was Mai Chipo but she died and was replaced by Chichisai (Mbuya VaSimba). Chichisai was Mai Chipo’s niece. The act of replacement was called Chimutsamapfihwa. Chichisai gave birth to a child and named her (1) Chipo the name that had originally been given to the first child who passed on. Chichisai later gave birth to (2) Jameson (gave birth to (a) James, (b) Saphirio, (c) Locadia, (d) Courage. (3) Locadia (who gave birth to Simba, Emmanuel, and Tawanda), (4) Saferio (gave birth to Prince and Florence), (5) Hazvienzwani (mother to Priviledge the golf player), (6) Takeson (gave birth to Takemore, Alot, Unique) and (7) Alois (this being the 24th born of Joseph Mzembi Madhovoyo).

Chamunorwa, Baba Austin and Jonas were young brothers to Madhovoyo. Chamunorwa was married to a Rushambwe daughter and gave birth to Sostina, Servious, David, Jonas jnr etc.He also had a chimutsamapfihwa that gave birth to Previledge, Martin jnr & Taonga. Baba Austin (real name-unknown) was married to Magani Munikwa and had the following children-Austin, Respina, Beatrice and Liona. These had all relocated to Karoi. Jonas who seems to be the last born of Vusvusvu was married to a daughter from the Mahanga family near Tugwane School & had two sons, Tapiwa and Antony both of whom are late.

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